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Shoobridge Funeral Services
Serving Families in East Devon and Exeter for Over 25 Years

Helping you at a difficult time
Arranging a funeral can be distressing which is why choosing the right funeral director to guide you through the process can make all the difference.
We, at Shoobridge Funeral Services, understand the emotional pain of loss and the practical problems it causes. As such, we offer practical guidance, personal direction, advice and support through bereavement and try our best to reduce your burden at this difficult time.
On the important day, the day of the funeral, family and friends can express and share their personal thoughts and feelings also, saying, “Goodbye,” is important and often assists the natural grieving process.

Shoobridge Funeral Services, located in Park House, Silver Street, Honiton – behind the main church in Honiton High Street, provides personal and professional services, 24 hours a day which, starts at the point of Initial contact and extends far beyond the day of the funeral – as required.

Independent family business
Shoobridge Funeral Services has been serving families nationally, but primarily in the East Devon and Exeter area for in excess of 25 years. They value the importance of their customers and are well-known for their reputation of delivering a valued and trusted service to the local and wider community.
With a base also in Exeter, Paul Shoobridge says, “ Mirroring the services provided in Honiton and the surrounding areas, our local presence there not only sets the guidelines for, but will enhance our services to Pinhoe where we are located, the city of Exeter, the surrounding districts and the wider areas of Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Cornwall."

Our personal approach has been a key factor in Honiton and East Devon alongside our priority of putting the customer first whilst realising the personal difficulty of their situation. Our motto and aim is to replicate that at all times and by all staff members.
HONITON 01404 41424
Park House, Silver Street, Honiton EX14 1QJ

EXETER: 01392 279 927
SIDMOUTH: 01395 515 174

     ( HONITON: 01404 41424     ( SIDMOUTH: 01395 515174

( HONITON: 01404 41424     ( SIDMOUTH: 01395 515174


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