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Bereavement Thoughts Soon After Loss - T Shoobridge

Bereavement Thoughts Soon After Loss by Terry Shoobridge As a funeral director and son, whose mother recently died, I am constantly subjected to grief and bereavement, probably, as you would imagine? I read numerous articles and find the teachings for grief counselling, similar and truthfully, that is to be expected. When numerous experiences are reported and recorded, some patterns emerge but often, initial findings, when those affected are still numb, seem to end there? Research may go on for years but all too often, the tender, personal experiences, seem to go unattended – people are left to fend for themselves. This all may seem somewhat of a natural process after all, most of us are unaffected after the initial ‘shock’ - on a day-to-day basis. That someone else is going home to a situation devoid of a principal role person, with all the mundane topics of conversation that were possibly boring   - missing now, is an abstract. WE are not there, we are not suffering and