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How To Write A Eulogy

How to Write a Eulogy  by Terry Shoobridge The thought of public speaking throws many people into a panic. Add to that fear the common discomfort of discussing death, and it's easy to understand why the idea of delivering a eulogy can be disconcerting. Having attended many funeral services and listened to countless eulogies, certain facts emerge which I am privy to beyond the normal experiences of the general public. No matter how long I spend with a family organising and making the funeral arrangements, I ALWAYS learn more about the deceased when the eulogy is read or presented during the funeral service. This usually leads me to summise how inadequate the funeral memorial is concerning the life and activities of the person’ s life we are celebrating! Paralleling this is the realisation that we cannot give sufficient tribute without recounting most of the life of the deceased which, as we all know, is impossible and, impractical? I have also mostly thought how