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Shoobridge Funeral Services - Serving YOU!

 Mission Statement (and History) the Long Version? There are numerous reasons to be in business, any business. Passion, belief an ideal or simply, money. Of course I could dress this up and use fancy words like, monetary or financial gain but one purpose of this article is to eliminate patronising remarks and to speak plainly. My son, some years ago, asked me why I got into the funeral business, not how but why? The truth is, it was not a vision of mine but circumstance/s that led me – some might even say an accident, coincidence or fate - I had been seeking a purpose, the meaning of life? Contradictory it may sound but the reason for living had intrigued me since my father died in 1985 and I had been searching, somewhat unknowingly until the ‘funeral door’ opened in my life in 1989. To examine my personal route to this juncture briefly, I had always believed in God, through upbringing, culture, habit and I guess, choice. When my father died suddenly, at the ag

SMART TVs? In the FuneralProfession?

Anyone opening our 'Blog' page will doubtless wonder why a page talking about SMART TVs should be staring them in the face? Regular visitors to our Blog will find a variety of topics which are not all related directly to funerals or maybe they are connected but more, INdirectly! Breaking away from funeral topics as such, our industry, in fact, all of our lives are surrounded, influenced and somewhat dominated by, technology. In our workplace, we all have computers. WE all have screens or monitors or, TVs. In an effort to improve our IT - Information Technology knowledge, we/I have decided to undertake (pun?) to write some pertinent articles and since Internet access is simple, once connected to a network, a Smart TV is simply another tool in our device armoury. Truthfully, I was asked for advice and decided to share the results here - if the subject holds no interest for you, your detention is unnecessary and should you find a subject of interest here in amon

Lesson 5 Explorer & Finder

Home Computing Lesson 5         Windows Explorer (and Finder) As we continue our home computing overview and practical approach, I ask myself how I should address instructing students further? That might seem somewhat puzzling since I create the topics and the lessons? Receiving no feedback and not being a regular tutor, I recognise there are many routes to individual destinations and there have been so many books written on the subject of IT, Information Technology and computing that we all have some knowledge and experience since we have grown with computers from the early days of calculators, progressing to simple bat-and-ball video games, through Commodore VIC 20 - from Sir Clive Sinclair and IBM in the 70’s and 80’s. I can hardly think of anything we do today not having a computer somewhere in its application and though we may not have been directly involved, it HAS affecter our lives. My problem is where are you in your personal journey, wher

Lesson 3 Getting Started

Home Computing      Lesson 3     (Mac/Apple)                Getting Started All of our devices have an optional form of protection once switched on. It makes total sense to ‘password protect’ our devices and therefore, our data but, it can be inconvenient. Getting past passwords has become harder which is no less than we would expect but with Apple’s refusal to assist the FBI recently in breaking into a piece of equipment and with numerous ‘used’ Ipads out there that are locked, I would advise careful thoughts before electing any action. Switch on your device; enter your password and hit Enter – the ‘carriage return’ key we used to use on our typewriters, located on the right hand side, RHS, of our keyboard. For the purpose of this lesson, we are using a Macbook Pro Laptop but this is simply an equivalent of a PC desktop or laptop although some of the keys on the keyboard are slightly different. Located on the bottom LHS, we find keys such as fn, ct

Home Computing and More Lesson 4

Author’s note: I am posting Lesson 4 ahead of Lesson 3 as it will appear in the correct order. I also detoured from Lesson 3 as I was more impassioned with my desire to try and teach technical information rather than actual computing though, they are interlaced. Computing for Beginners Lesson 4 As we learnt in an earlier lesson, EVERY device has its own digital identity, its MAC, Media Access Code or address. Just as every human being is unique and society has rules for identification purposes etc., so our devices differ independently. This all makes perfect sense and in a similar fashion, we all live in different places, at different addresses and we have systems that allow communication between our homes no matter where we live in the world. It stands to reason that every different page we encounter on the Internet, lives at its own, unique address. This locater address is called a URL – a Uniform Resource Locator. There is a box on every webpage